Underground Utility Construction

Quality Construction From (Under) The Ground Up

We provide underground utility construction across Northeast Ohio throughout the year. We specialize in sanitary sewer, storm sewer and waterline repairs — primarily for municipalities. And because we own our equipment, we can mobilize quickly in emergency situations and safely perform any needed work.

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Below are some real-world examples of our underground utilities projects to meet our customers specific needs.

Submerged storm sewer repair at active business

The city’s existing corrugated metal storm sewer outfall within an easement on an active business needed to be replaced. During excavation, we discovered the pipe was partially located under a concrete slab of a building used for truck loading.
Our skilled crew, along with our excavation equipment, was able to replace the corrugated metal pipe with steel pipe. Using our concrete plant and mixer trucks, we encased the section of pipe under the building with concrete to avoid any potential settlement concerns.

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