Aggregate Materials

High Quality Aggregates
at Low Bulk Prices

Our location on the Black River provides us with access to high-quality aggregate materials not available to other producers. We currently handle stone, sand and salt from domestic and international sources.

High Quality Aggregate Materials to meet your needs:

  • Stone - We offer a variety of limestone products including the most popular #57, #1, #304, #411, #4 and #8. We also offer specialty products such as #57 Smelter Bay landscaping stone. Recycled #304s and recycled #1s are also available.
  • Sand - We offer concrete sand, fill sand and mason sand.
  • Salt - Our premium ice melt is top-rated and our convenient location makes for easy pick-up.

Our truck scales and wheel loaders are operated by skilled, qualified personnel who ensure your material is handled properly. Material can be picked up at our dock locations and weighed on our certified scales. Our loading process is efficient and will keep your project on track.

Concrete Sand

Fill Sand

Limestone #1

#1 Recycled

Limestone #304

#304 Recycled

Limestone #4

Limestone #411

Limestone #57 Manitoulin

Limestone #57 Marblehead

Smelter Bay #57 Canadian Blue Stone

Limestone #8

Mason Sand

The beauty of the arrangement with Terminal Ready-Mix and Holcim is the shared objectives of safely moving construction aggregates as efficiently as possible through the dock and across the scale to the end-users. Terminal's construction experience and market understanding help our cause.”

Douglas Davidson

Dock Operations Manager, Holcim
  • Terminal Ready-Mix Location
  • Ready-Mix Service Area

if you’re outside of our service area, we still can help.

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Below are some real-world examples of our custom mix designs to meet our customers specific needs.

University Hospitals
Health Center Avon

Providing temperature controlled concrete for imaging center.
Our experienced staff used ice, temperature probes, and other cooling measures to provide over 500 yards of concrete in one mass pour all within very strict temperature tolerances.

Bendix World
Headquarters Avon

Providing a large volume of concrete with fast delivery rates
Our state-of-the art central mix plant provided over 150cy/hr and over 10,000cy on the project to meet the placement schedule. From our batch plant personnel to our ready mix drivers, our team provides top-notch service.

Metal Packing

Providing over 30,000cy of concrete for plant redesign and expansion
Our experienced staff and drivers were able to coordinate on time deliveries for this demanding job. Our strategic plant locations and experienced staff make tackling large projects possible.

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