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Unmatched access to the highest-quality aggregates

Our intermodal dock services are available in Lorain, Ohio, along the Black River. The Black River is a deep-water tributary of Lake Erie managed by the federal government and navigated by some of the largest vessels on the Great Lakes. They can all dock with us because we own and run the Black River's largest and most accessible heavy industrial property, spanning over 30 acres.

We handle domestic and foreign stone, sand and salt, which are weighed and loaded by our highly-skilled team to guarantee that your material is handled properly.

The beauty of the arrangement with Terminal Ready-Mix and Lafarge is the shared objectives of safely moving construction aggregates as efficiently as possible through the dock and across the scale to the end-users. Terminal's construction experience and market understanding help our cause.”

Douglas Davidson

Dock Operations Manager, Lafarge Aggregates
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Below are some real-world examples of our dock services to meet our customers specific needs.

Intermodal limestone and sand terminal
Lorain, Ohio

Multinational company needed an intermodal distribution terminal for limestone and sand.
We provided access to over 30 acres of property along the Black River in Lorain, Ohio so that quarries on the Great Lakes could deliver hundreds of thousands of tons of sand and stone per year for distribution. Up to 30,000 tons of material per shipment is transported from the quarries to the dock via self-unloading vessels, then stockpiled on our property, loaded into dump trucks, weighed on our truck scales, then distributed throughout the northern Ohio market. This operation gives consumers in the market access to high quality products that would not be economical to transport from the source solely by truck.

Road salt de-icing distribution

Multinational company needed an intermodal distribution terminal for road salt.
The company installed their specialized computer system into our scalehouse and shipped their product to our facility for distribution. Our staff loaded the road salt into dump trucks, then weighed the trucks, which were dispatched throughout Ohio to stockpile municipal salt storage facilities. The road salt is vital for municipalities to maintain open and safe roads during the winter.

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